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I completed four days of Insanity. Tonight I will be doing day 5. So far so good. I find that the workout is a challenge.  I am sticking to it. In fact I look forward in dropping a few extra pounds. Anything to get rid of high blood pressure.

I had to get to the point where I had to want to do it for me.

Well it was my breaking point. As a diabetic I stress about my feet and legs the most. However, the meds I suppose to be taking for my high blood pressure  made my ankles and calf swell badly. For me I can’t handle that. I stress, what if it isn’t the meds? What if this or that. Suppose my skin breaks open and I get an infection. I can’t deal with that.

So, I’m changing somethings to be around a little long. It all starts with me.


I guess this is a before of me that I am willing to show. I don’t know how much weight I am willing to drop, but long as I get rid of HBP (High Blood Pressure) !



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The Gym was closed today. Yeah right! They post a note saying closed. I went in anyway. Why? Because I still needed to workout. I decided to do a show and tell. Maybe this will help someone other than saying what I did. So here was my workout for the day.

2011-09-08_19-29-04_584This baby right here is my new favorite. If you do this behind your head. Your upper arm workout is good. If you do this in front of you. You can feel your muscles in your stomach big time. I did 12 reps 5 times.  Front and back!

2011-09-08_19-29-26_867 This is just a push out.  Working the arms. I did 12 reps 10 times.

2011-09-08_19-29-41_560 This is the other arm machine. You close it and open it. Not sure I am wording it right. I did 12 reps 10 times.

2011-09-08_19-30-05_725 I did 60 sit ups total on this.

Now in between the 4 machines I rotated between them.  After I worked 20 mins. on the elliptical. I might have done about 120 calorie burn. I am not counting it though. I work that elliptical first before the other machine.

2011-09-08_20-16-14_661 This is me. Yep! I am not in gray this time. My problem area is that big ass belly. No I am not pregnant, but sure look like I am ready to pop. I was so tired and said it is for the better me.


I made it to 200 calorie burn. I have a workout buddy. She does 649.8 on this machine. So sense we are competing with one another. I am aiming for that number or higher. I will do it very soon. I must meet her points. That is if I can do an hour on that thing.  She motivates me to keep going.

Baby steps is what I am working on.

Okay so my numbers when I woke up today was 146. I had cereal and 2%milk my number after was 226. Yikes! Dinner I had fried chicken. That was it. I just ate some cookies. Yep I am my own worst enemy. However, I don’t think 4 will kill me. I will get back on track. Besides I was dropping low because of the exercise and only meat. Boo for me and my poor excuse. I must get fruit in this house for when I drop low. Least that it’s healthier.

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For the last few weeks I have been going to the gym. I don’t see a change yet, but I know something is working. I figured a few things out about myself. One I don’t need to work on my legs. they are in perfect shape. what I need to work on is upper body in general.

I have a gut. This is the leading cause to diabetes. I have this un wanted visitor as well.  I decided that I will not allow this unwanted visitor to take control over me.  I realized I can get full control back.

It is almost like the conversation I had with my oldest long time ago. I had to take my words back and own it. See we had this conversation about self-worth. You have to be careful who you allow to have your self-worth. Some people who you give your self-worth to will crush, drop, break, crack, smash, and maybe do the un-thinkable to it. Not everyone is allowed to hold it. Not everyone deserve to touch it. However, we as humans feel the need to hand it out every time we think it is safe to do so.

I went on to tell her that: when you give it away so easy and you get hurt for what ever so reason. It is because you gave something away that protects you. You left yourself wide open and now the sting is greater than ever.  So take it back and put it in your own hands. Don’t allow anyone to fumble with it. You have control because the sooner you allow someone else to control it or you, they win.

This is how I now have to look a diabetes. I gave it my worth. Now it has control. I test and don’t get the numbers that are perfect or close. So my feelings are hurt. I eat less and not for filled because I am scared of my numbers. I allowed this to get out of control because I was true to me.

Now I been going to the gym to change me and get healthier. This is me now!

 Although I am not happy with my looks. I am working on kicking diabetes in the ass.  Today at the gym I did 5mins on the elliptical, 16 mins on treadmill, 40 push ups, 10 mins on treadmill, 50 push ups, 17 mins on treadmill, and 3 min cool down.

My levels today where good I stayed 120-136 until dinner when I hat 2 hotdog with bun and went to 201. So No more of that. Oh breakfast I had two croaker fish, lunch was a homemade strawberry smoothie ( 1/2c strawberry,1/2c blue and black berries, 1/2 water, 8 pack splenda). Like I mention before I hate a lot of things and this works for me.  I didn’t have any more cranberry juice so I used water.  My levels after this was 129. So it was worth it.

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