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I completed four days of Insanity. Tonight I will be doing day 5. So far so good. I find that the workout is a challenge.  I am sticking to it. In fact I look forward in dropping a few extra pounds. Anything to get rid of high blood pressure.

I had to get to the point where I had to want to do it for me.

Well it was my breaking point. As a diabetic I stress about my feet and legs the most. However, the meds I suppose to be taking for my high blood pressure  made my ankles and calf swell badly. For me I can’t handle that. I stress, what if it isn’t the meds? What if this or that. Suppose my skin breaks open and I get an infection. I can’t deal with that.

So, I’m changing somethings to be around a little long. It all starts with me.


I guess this is a before of me that I am willing to show. I don’t know how much weight I am willing to drop, but long as I get rid of HBP (High Blood Pressure) !



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This diabetes thing is really trying my hand. One minute I am fine. The next it all goes south somewhere. By now I would think I would have better control, but that is not always the case. The good news is I no longer have to take Lantus Solar before bed time. I no longer have to take glimpride in the morning. Very good for me I should say. I watch my levels very closely and know my body. I sent my reading to my doctor. He notice the same thing I notice. My levels were way to high. I also was passing protein / sugar in my urine.

He changed my meds to Novolog 70/30 mix. My whole life took another change. Uncertain on this med, but I do know a few people who take this med. I am very scared to take meds. So, I only take what is needed. I only take two meds at this time in my life. One is for this diabetes. The other high blood pressure. I have had no issues with the blood pressure meds.

Now with this Novolog mix, I have had some good reading. I am almost normal for my readings. Which my Endocrinologist wants something around 130’s. However, I have a lot of lows. Way too many! My problem is this. Well you all read my blog. I keep it open about what foods I like. So, this is my issue. I repeat again. I HATE a lot of foods. The slightest foods with carbs will send me high. All my hated foods like rice, oatmeal, potatoes, beans, pasta, and I am sure I missed some, sends me way to high.

I stay away from them because if I was to eat bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, and other carb foods, rather good for me or not sends me high. When this happens it means I will need more meds. I am scared to death of these foods. I rarely fry my foods. The only way I like a potato is if it’s fried potatoes with onion, or french fries. Those aren’t good for me. Rice is not worth me having because I can only do about 2 tablespoons of it. Even that is a bit much for my levels. Once I eat that, it is up there like me eating a spoon of oatmeal. My levels goes over 382. That number is 2.5 hours after testing. I don’t come down until 4 to 5 hours later. I still be high in the 270’s. It is not worth it.

Beans suppose to be good for me. I do like them, but not enough to say I will have them all the time. There are only 2 I like. Navy beans and Bush Vegetarian Beans. Having those the same thing happens. Extremely too high. How would I know? I test way to often. I test before and 2 hours after meals. Sometimes 3 to 4 hours after.

There aren’t many foods I like. I wonder why I’m so fat. I don’t indulge in bad foods. I don’t go crazy with junk foods either. I like healthier foods. I rather bake my foods than fry them.

Trying to keep my sugar up is a task all by it’s self. I hate too many foods, and most of the foods I like don’t have many carbs in it. I only like 5 veggies maybe 6 and that can’t help me. I like berries strawberries for a plain simple smoothie. When I say plain it is the berries, squeezed lemon, ice, and water. That have no effects on my sugar at all. I like apples and sometimes oranges. Maybe a peach now and then, but not like I would eat it if I had a choice. I would pick the apple first.

Maybe I need to look into other culture foods other than American, because American foods have me limited and what I like.

I need a change, or the drops my become a nightmare.

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I just had a small vent on my mind. One I got this letter today from a doctor I have been going to for 10 years. I have  had my ups and my downs with my medical history.  this letter said this   DUE TO YOUR LACK OF TRUST IN  MY JUDGEMENT FOR YOUR CLINICAL PROBLEM, I WOULD ADVISE YOU TO FIND A DIFFERENT PRIMARY CARE PRACTICE FOR YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN.

Oh snaps to that right there. Let’s  do some judgment trust on this one.  Let’s get something clear. I have a lawyer. We are suing a drug company for damages I received from taking this drug. This drug was told to be good. It was also thought to be good. My primary care doctor prescribed this dangerous drug. This drug that caused me more damages then I could ever imagine. Was he practicing with the best of my care. Maybe he was brought off by the drug companies. I really don’t know. Now that  I got a copy of my records. It is a problem because I am suing a company for damages and I obtain my records because of this. Oh wow! you sent me this letter because you are an idiot.

This leads me to wonder how many people died in your care. You know I won’t complain because this is the best day of my life. You not being a part of it and now I can find a real doctor. Yes, I said it! The last few years all you wanted to do was prescribe this drug or that. Depression even came up. It was not me it was you.  People go through things in life and hearing you have to take insulin is not a joyful moment.  You tried to give me cholesterol meds to take. I had it checked with my endocrinologist and it was fine. If I would have taking that meds. Who knows what would have happen to me.

I can’t believe I am wasting my time blogging about you. I wish I could sy your name. I wish I could out you right now.  However, you caught my attention long enough to blog about you. Even though you are in the Washington DC metropolitan  area. I hope you some day stop being bought and become a real DOCTOR!

Thank you DOCTOR BROUGHT, for opening up my eyes.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anyones doctors. You should know your doctor is a bunch of crap. I knew mines for 10 years so, what does that say? Even if you were to ask your doctor, if you sued a drug company would you stop seeing me. They would lie because money talks and bull shit walks every time.  What I would say is research any meds prescribe before you take them. Know what you are taking!

If your doctor sends you a letter like mines. Go to their office nd sy that is the best thing you have done for me. Thank you for saving my life.

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So this morning I get up and take my big self to the doctors. Let me say this, I don’t like doctors and they really are starting to pluck my last. In this case I need to be my own doctor(s). So here it goes….

My doctor walks into the room I was in. He was so pitchy to admit he don’t agree with the meds my Endo has me on. One is because Metformin is suppose to be the best thing a diabetic can take. I don’t agree. It make me want to barf and not alone the metal taste it gives.  So he was like I want you to take the metformin at night. Along with the Lantus Solar, and the other pill I am on daily. I said well we have a problem. I am not taking the Lantus at night anymore because my Endo said that if I keep dropping throughout the day to stop taking it. This means my meds are to strong and I don’t take enough carbs in to keep it from dropping.  He also has me doing the South Beach, so I can’t take meds with this diet. I drop into the low 60’s.

So he went on to pitch why I should take Metformin. I thought for a quick second he was getting a big payoff  to mentally convince people like me.  He kept saying Metformin don’t cause drops. I said yes they do. I kept getting them all the time. He was like not listening to me. I had told him how I am 94-118 throughout the day. How my sugars are only high when I wake up.  He still wants to load me with meds. Meds I don’t need to take. Why take those meds if  I am doing well with protein and veggies? If I take those meds I would crash or have to eat a lot of carbs keep my sugars up.

It is not worth it. Now I will take the other meds my Endo told me at night b4 bed and see what happens. No one wants to have a drop in sugars. No one deserve to live on edge.

So I have this cold and asked him for help. He was more concerned in my eyes on my sugar levels. He didn’t take the time to look at my written levels. My Endo did and set with me and talked about them.  I never did get help for this cold I have.

So I called the Dr when I left and ask what can I take. This nurse was like tea. That’s it.

You have diabetes and high blood pressure. My blood pressure has been good for more then a year. So what’s the problem? You just have to drink fluids and tea.  Nothing else!

So it made me wonder about if I was dying which I’m not. I need meds to fight this cold and it can be helped.. You mean to tell me that Sally would get the meds because she is fine and I can’t because I am damaged goods. Hmm!

I’m at my point to look at the big picture.

1.My doctor don’t agree with my Endo.

2. Too much meds will make me crash (low)

A. On a low carb diet

B. Readings are good except morning when I wake up

3. Take those meds

A. I will have to increase carbs

4. If the Endo is working, why go against it.

A. Who is really confused!


My weight is not moving and my goal is to loose 20-30 lbs.

I will get there, but not at a rate of killing myself with too much meds. It isn’t like I am at 400 like I was in March.

I am now at 94-118 a day.

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I know I have not posted for a while. I have been having my up and down days.  I wonder should I call this Bipolar Health! That’s what it feels like. One minute I do good the next it is down the hill for me.

So my sugars have been doing well sense I have started the South Beach. My sugars was starting to do well sense the South Beach. I was at 94-118. So This week I have been running a bit high. like 140-161. My goal is 130. So I try hard to stay 20 points below my goal.

Yesterday, I was at 188. Running high from waking up at 200. I don’t know why I run high when I sleep. So I went to the gym. I warmed up. I told my self I was going to jog 2 minutes, walk 1 min. Keep that up for a mile. So I started to jog. I felt fine. No pain, chest fine, breathing under control, and I am at a good start. So 2 minutes past. I said to myself don’t stop. Glad I listen, because I jogged a whole mile. I felt great minus the sugars dropped to 69. good thing I had some candy to hold me over till I got home.

So this morning I am at 180. Off to the gym! I will jog another mile today. I wonder if I should aim for 1.5 miles.  who knows. I will check my sugar levels after the mile.

Peace out!

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I know it has been awhile sense my last post. I have not been feeling that great health wise, but hey no need to complain right. I still have to be thankful that it is not worse. Listen up! I am excited about my new news. I went to the Endocrinologist. Had a bunch of test and Yes I have Type 2. He said thank God it is not type1 you can reverse this.

My Pancreas need time to heal from meds I was taking. That’s another story one day I will talk about, but not now. Anywho, he up my insulin that covers me at night. I also have to take pills to cover the foods I eat. No problem because I eat small meals and meat. A lot of meat and veggies.

With that said. I am walking every day. I will get back to jogging soon! I love that I can jog. Love my legs and thank God for feet right!  Okay today I will be jogging to the store  (Whole Foods) I need some veggies, then I will walk back home. The store is a half mile from my house. So altogether I will do a mile. Now I will be doing this everyday for one week. Then I will jog to and from the store next week. I will let you know how that worked out for me.

Oh by the way, here is me and my Ma.


I plan on getting a dog to jog with. Maybe a puggle.

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Last night I went to bed my sugar levels was 140.  I testing, tested my ketones and it was negative. This is good. So this morning I tested ketones and guess was the damn stick was dark. So that told me to check my sugar levels. At 6:33am it tested at 210. That is the highest I have had it in a few days. So I am trying to figure out while the spike.  What did I do different then the last few nights?

Today is the day I have my work up from the Holistic Dr. I am very excited about going. It is time for a change. Like I say you can try the doctors and the meds all you want, but when it is not enough try something different. Don’t knock something unless you have tried it. If it doesn’t work like  most things, then go back to what you were doing.  I think it is worth trying something new for new results.

After all T2 diabetes can be beat! The one you can’t beat from what I know of is T1. If someone do  come up with a serious method to beat it. I think a lot of people will jump on the band wagon.

My body does produce it’s own insulin. I have beat this thing before. My T2 was due to my weight. This was when I was younger. I lost it and I didn’t have it anymore.

Now this ball game is way different. I had pancreasititist and now my sugars are wacked. I don’t think it has much to do with my weight anymore. I lost 30 lbs sense January. 

The pancreas is my main concern.


Oh by the way milk rises my sugars. 2% milk is something to stay away from for now.

Talk to you later.

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