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I just finished my day 5 CARDIO…. Oh NAH I didn’t finish the entire video. Insanity, Insanity, Insanity! What I’m not going to do is feel sorry for myself. I will not feel bad that I could not finish. I had 15 minutes left to finish. I just didn’t have it in me. I gave the first 20 minutes my all.

I take martial arts and I couldn’t hang. Oh well! I will try it again the next time that dvd comes up again. Meanwhile, I will keep doing what I am doing. Eat  healthy and love me some me. Everything else will fall in place.

For those that don’t know. I am a picky eater and  I’m GLUTEN free. Now I hate a lot of things. I eat  wholefoods and rarely processed anything. I am not to king on salad or dressings. I rather have meat and a fruit. My area of eating needs a little help.

But let’s go back to me taking martial arts and can’t finish the cardio from Insanity.  It’s been a long six year with me doing martial arts. I get this new video to try to tone up and loose a few pounds and I am beat.


Like I said I am not going to beat myself up. Long as I feel good that I tried is all that matters. I do find it strange I couldn’t finish it.

I do feel great over all. I feel like I am changing my body slowly. I can’t wait to see what my end results will look like.



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I completed four days of Insanity. Tonight I will be doing day 5. So far so good. I find that the workout is a challenge.  I am sticking to it. In fact I look forward in dropping a few extra pounds. Anything to get rid of high blood pressure.

I had to get to the point where I had to want to do it for me.

Well it was my breaking point. As a diabetic I stress about my feet and legs the most. However, the meds I suppose to be taking for my high blood pressure  made my ankles and calf swell badly. For me I can’t handle that. I stress, what if it isn’t the meds? What if this or that. Suppose my skin breaks open and I get an infection. I can’t deal with that.

So, I’m changing somethings to be around a little long. It all starts with me.


I guess this is a before of me that I am willing to show. I don’t know how much weight I am willing to drop, but long as I get rid of HBP (High Blood Pressure) !


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I have not blogged for over a year. Not sure where to start either.

I am  challenging myself to loose weight to get my blood pressure under control. I don’t like the new meds my doctor put me on. My ankles and calf are always swollen. That isn’t right nor cute. Never had that happen to me until the meds. Now I am scared to take the meds. This was one of my breaking point. You would think being a diabetic on insulin would have made me say I want to take less insulin, I need to do something. Nope! Not at all!

What made me break was the tight feeling I got from the side effects from the meds. I get scared when it comes to my feet and legs. I need my legs to kick. Besides this is interfering with my martial arts life style. Plus I don’t want a stroke or heart attack from high blood pressure.  My question to myself was this….. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?

That may seem like a simple or easy question. It isn’t!

I ordered the Insanity videos. Maybe this will whip me up in shape and to get rid of the high blood pressure meds.  Not worried about the insulin,  I have a feeling I will be taking less dosage once I finish.

Today I got my insanity package. This is my day 1 of a 60 day challenge. I did the fit test.

One I am glad I take martial arts. Cause I would have not made it as far as I did. I think I did okay, but I still doubt myself.

One day at a time.

And one more thing. I hate when I read blogs from someone loosing weight and they don’t really say what they did to loose it. Just a brief I change my eating style, and joined the gym. No real details at all.

Well I am going to give you the good and bad. I will try to log my meals, my exercises, and my thoughts.




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This diabetes thing is really trying my hand. One minute I am fine. The next it all goes south somewhere. By now I would think I would have better control, but that is not always the case. The good news is I no longer have to take Lantus Solar before bed time. I no longer have to take glimpride in the morning. Very good for me I should say. I watch my levels very closely and know my body. I sent my reading to my doctor. He notice the same thing I notice. My levels were way to high. I also was passing protein / sugar in my urine.

He changed my meds to Novolog 70/30 mix. My whole life took another change. Uncertain on this med, but I do know a few people who take this med. I am very scared to take meds. So, I only take what is needed. I only take two meds at this time in my life. One is for this diabetes. The other high blood pressure. I have had no issues with the blood pressure meds.

Now with this Novolog mix, I have had some good reading. I am almost normal for my readings. Which my Endocrinologist wants something around 130’s. However, I have a lot of lows. Way too many! My problem is this. Well you all read my blog. I keep it open about what foods I like. So, this is my issue. I repeat again. I HATE a lot of foods. The slightest foods with carbs will send me high. All my hated foods like rice, oatmeal, potatoes, beans, pasta, and I am sure I missed some, sends me way to high.

I stay away from them because if I was to eat bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, and other carb foods, rather good for me or not sends me high. When this happens it means I will need more meds. I am scared to death of these foods. I rarely fry my foods. The only way I like a potato is if it’s fried potatoes with onion, or french fries. Those aren’t good for me. Rice is not worth me having because I can only do about 2 tablespoons of it. Even that is a bit much for my levels. Once I eat that, it is up there like me eating a spoon of oatmeal. My levels goes over 382. That number is 2.5 hours after testing. I don’t come down until 4 to 5 hours later. I still be high in the 270’s. It is not worth it.

Beans suppose to be good for me. I do like them, but not enough to say I will have them all the time. There are only 2 I like. Navy beans and Bush Vegetarian Beans. Having those the same thing happens. Extremely too high. How would I know? I test way to often. I test before and 2 hours after meals. Sometimes 3 to 4 hours after.

There aren’t many foods I like. I wonder why I’m so fat. I don’t indulge in bad foods. I don’t go crazy with junk foods either. I like healthier foods. I rather bake my foods than fry them.

Trying to keep my sugar up is a task all by it’s self. I hate too many foods, and most of the foods I like don’t have many carbs in it. I only like 5 veggies maybe 6 and that can’t help me. I like berries strawberries for a plain simple smoothie. When I say plain it is the berries, squeezed lemon, ice, and water. That have no effects on my sugar at all. I like apples and sometimes oranges. Maybe a peach now and then, but not like I would eat it if I had a choice. I would pick the apple first.

Maybe I need to look into other culture foods other than American, because American foods have me limited and what I like.

I need a change, or the drops my become a nightmare.

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I just need to go up stairs and cry my freaking eyes out. Only one problem, it is impossible to do. I went to the nutritionist today. After all the hard work I have been doing for the month. I thought all would be good. I got great numbers only because I won’t eat certain foods. Well my levels are always dropping because of the meds.  I have been exercising every day for a month. I may have taken off a few days to give my body a rest.  Well I thought all was good until I stepped on the scale.

Damn, Damn, Damn! (sorry for the Lango, but if you was me you would say the same thing.)  I gained weight! This is not good for me. The more weight I gain the harder it is to live with diabetes. The key is to lose freaking weight and not gain it. This doesn’t help me at all. The more I gain my meds will be upped.

To say it is muscle that is a long shot. I walked for miles a day. I jogged some. I even got on the elliptical. I did very little weights and still I gained. I ate like a bird (several small meals a day). Yet I denied myself from the foods I like to have. Yet the foods I like is whole grain and not the simple carb stuff. If this is how it is going to be then what the hell am I doing trying to kill myself faster if nothing is helping me.  I have to die some day, but am I killing myself to lose weight that seems like it is not going to happen any time soon. am I killing myself faster because I have to eat way differently because I don’t like a lot of foods. So the foods I do eat is very limited. The good foods I can eat is limited because my sugar will go high with them. It looks like I am just going to have to ride this cart until the fucking wheel fall off.

If this is how my life is going to be then I don’t think I want it.

Now for the other stupid news. I dropped my phone. The window is cracked and a million parts. Now I don’t have a phone. I can’t get it replaced because I don’t have insurance. I can’t get it replaced because my renewal and upgrade is January of next year. So I don’t have a phone. Sucks!

I am at the end of my rope with no hope. I need HELP! Do anyone see me waving my white towel?

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I have been at the gym everyday for the last couple of weeks. Well, when a notice went up saying gym is closed and the doors were locked. I had no choice to do something different to keep me on track. Yesterday (Saturday) I walked 6.5 miles. I walked a half mile to the trail. This trail is amazing. You have people riding their bikes, skating, walking, and jogging. It has some sight-seeing as well. My starting point is at the 20 mile post. Every half mile there is a post to let you know. The number go up if you go to the left. They go down if you go the right. Each way is like a 20 mile stretch.

This morning I got up and started at 20 mile post. I walked until I got to 18.5. Walking to the trail from my house is .5 miles. I tend to take the longer way for the extra walk and sight view. My feet were already sore and swollen from the day before. However, I am loving the number I am getting with my sugar levels. I am staying under 120 on the good note and sometimes a bad moment can happen. Like I said I am going to spank the shit out of diabetes.

I must get new shoes. Bigger  and wider for walking and jogging.  I now have a blister on my baby toe and my big toes are sore.

This is trying my hand, but I refuse to get down about it. I will take it easy and slow the next few days until I can walk again without the blister.

I am walking one step at a time. I had time to think about my relationship with God and how wonderful He is. I had time to think about my life and what I want to do with it. My choices I had is up to me. My decisions I make comes from me. Either I will be selfish and try to do this alone, or allow God to lead me.

God is leading me 100%.  I am walking with him!

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The Gym was closed today. Yeah right! They post a note saying closed. I went in anyway. Why? Because I still needed to workout. I decided to do a show and tell. Maybe this will help someone other than saying what I did. So here was my workout for the day.

2011-09-08_19-29-04_584This baby right here is my new favorite. If you do this behind your head. Your upper arm workout is good. If you do this in front of you. You can feel your muscles in your stomach big time. I did 12 reps 5 times.  Front and back!

2011-09-08_19-29-26_867 This is just a push out.  Working the arms. I did 12 reps 10 times.

2011-09-08_19-29-41_560 This is the other arm machine. You close it and open it. Not sure I am wording it right. I did 12 reps 10 times.

2011-09-08_19-30-05_725 I did 60 sit ups total on this.

Now in between the 4 machines I rotated between them.  After I worked 20 mins. on the elliptical. I might have done about 120 calorie burn. I am not counting it though. I work that elliptical first before the other machine.

2011-09-08_20-16-14_661 This is me. Yep! I am not in gray this time. My problem area is that big ass belly. No I am not pregnant, but sure look like I am ready to pop. I was so tired and said it is for the better me.


I made it to 200 calorie burn. I have a workout buddy. She does 649.8 on this machine. So sense we are competing with one another. I am aiming for that number or higher. I will do it very soon. I must meet her points. That is if I can do an hour on that thing.  She motivates me to keep going.

Baby steps is what I am working on.

Okay so my numbers when I woke up today was 146. I had cereal and 2%milk my number after was 226. Yikes! Dinner I had fried chicken. That was it. I just ate some cookies. Yep I am my own worst enemy. However, I don’t think 4 will kill me. I will get back on track. Besides I was dropping low because of the exercise and only meat. Boo for me and my poor excuse. I must get fruit in this house for when I drop low. Least that it’s healthier.

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