We just got a new to us house……..

bedroom1 2 The bedroom looked like this. Well I don’t like the old out dated looked.

bedroom1I guess the previous owner used this room as an office.

Soon as we got moved in I was ready to start changing colors. I went to a local Lowes and asked about paint. Well really I was getting prices. I had the kids with me and I was ready to know how much I needed to do the rooms. I had no idea what I was doing. all I know is my husband was over thinking the whole thing. He hates painting, but I was not going to let that deter me. His over thinking was no help to me.  So I told him to sit this one out.

I got some great oops paint that was the same colors my children and I picked. for what would have cost us over $250 cost us about $50 bucks with all supplies included.

bedroom1 redo 6

I didn’t remove the nasty carpet because it was going to come up anyway.

bedroom 1 redo4

My youngest decided to help out!

bedroom 1 redo 5

So far so good, right! Only thing I need a ladder to get the high spots.

bedroom1q redo 3

My other daughter helps hold the pan. I am so carful not to make a mess. I had no paint on me. My son on the other hand had his fill.

bedroom1 redo finish

It came out good. Oh and my son only wanted the one coat. What was his rush…..shrugs and keep it moving. I am sure I will be repainting over the years.

bedroom 1 wood floor

This was under carpet….not bad!

bedroom1 finish 2

I didn’t do the window panel because new windows are coming. I didn’t do the base borders because I am getting some borders to close up the gaps I see. A professional will have to do that, but over all it is very good looking. My hubby over think this and I just jumped in and did it.

Whew! I am an home owner. Just wait until you see the girls room. To be continued…


I know I have been down this road a few months earlier. In December I had cut my dreads. I took it hard. Then I wanted to save the little bit of hair I had. It was already damage and I wanted just have some hair. Big mistake it was. Today I was so fed up with my hair coming out in clumps.

I was going to buy fake hair and put some braids in it. I called my big cousin and she was like let it go. Go to the shop (barber) and get it low. Dye it and call it a day. She said out with the old and in with the new.

This was hard for me. So I went and got clippers. I have over 18 years experience in hair. If your hair is damage it will not look good. If you take certain meds your hear will fall out in clumps like mines. Now I am on the come back for my hair. I will be making oils for my hair very soon. I used to do it for my locks, but now I have a new reason to do it now. Matter of fact I will go back doing hair as soon as I get settle in the new place to come.

I cut my own hair. Put some dye in it to lighten it up some. Now I wait for it to grow back healthy. I got all the damage still hair off my head. Looks nice, but need to build my self image of me up.

New me day 1

What do you think?

I am sick! I caught a could. Geesh you would think I never got sick before. Well I hurt all over. Nose running and a cough that won’t quit. For the past several days I have been running a fever.

My Godmother called to check on me. She heard I was sick. So she told me to make some Veggie soup. Told me how to make it. Then said I can do rice of beans.

While she was explaining it. My brain was saying eww. I hate Veggies and I hate beans. I listen and I said I will do what she says because she knows best. Plus she looks good for her age.

So I went to work! I started to build the the soup up in stages. No I am not a chief, but cooking runs in my family.

I added yellow, orange, and red peppers.  Then mixed in a whole onion.  So far so good!

veggie bean soup (1)

Then I added some garlic & ginger. (A lot of it)

veggie bean soup (2)

I had chopped up some baby carrots. Now this is where it lost me. I hate the veggie more than others. Okay I am starting to hate on this already.

veggie bean soup (3)

Added corn. Anyone that knows me knows. I hate corn too. I like nothing about it. Those peppers better do some magic. I hope I put enough garlic and ginger in this pot.

veggie bean soup (4)

Who ever decided that string beans was good…..LIED! I use to like them, but as I got older,…, they suck.

veggie bean soup (5)

Then I added A LOT of crushed peppers. If I am going to eat this….. I want spicy…I want to try to cover the veggies I hate…… as if this would help.

veggie bean soup (6)

Then I had the nerve to top it off with 15 beans. Some packet fell out and I trashed that.  I didn’t want to try it because I felt it was not worth messing it up more. Yes, in my head I was making a mess with foods I hate.

veggie bean soup (7)

I added Trader Joe’s Low Sodium Chicken Broth and 3 cups of water.  I cooked this on low to medium heat  for about 4 to 5 hours.

veggie bean soup (8)

Here it the end result. Now time to taste it. Hey, it looks good and I can’t smell anything. Yes I said it. It looks good.

I tasted it and liked it.  Amazingly it is good. I would changed the carrots and chop them smaller.  The peppers gave it a nice flavor. The ginger added a boost as well. My best buddy the crush peppers made it spicy. I can see me making this again.

Thanks Godmommy!

Retrain you mind set

I was on this machine when thoughts started to flow through my head.

jan21exercise2012 (1)

So many times I wondered why many people say they can’t before they try. Perhaps they have tried and nothing worked. Well I have been trying for many fails and I try again. Each time I try something new and something different. One of these days my body will give up and let good happen to it.

Since it is giving me a battle. I am giving it one back. I refuse to give up and let my body win. If I do this it means I let all odds of chance not work for me.

Someday that phrase will work for me. In the mean time I will leave it be. I thought of it just like that.

Here I am on this machine. In my head I see this huge woman. She is around 400lbs. Her legs hurt, back aches, and most of all she don’t think she can make it on here for 5 minutes.

I snapped this pic of me to go back and look at it. This mere image of me don’t look like that 400lb lady I was seeing at the gym. In fact she looked somewhat out of shape, but not enough to see what I saw.

I really have to get out that mind set on how I look. The image I see is not what others sees in me. See we all are humans and some how we have imagine of people and how we see them each and everyday. Some might be annoying, silly, stupid, shy, bashful, cute, and so on. It is all about how we carry ourselves.

You know what. I love myself regardless of how I look. America has this thing that skinny is best. Well not everyone needs to be a zero to be beautiful. As long as you are healthy that is the most important part.

Then I went on to think. I am the only one that can control my life. No one is holding a gun to my head saying stuff your cheeks with these un-healthy treats and foods. I am the one that buys the food. I am the one that don’t follow basic rules for shopping. Buy fresh and box life stays on the shelf.

I can make this change and do it now. I don’t need to wait until it is too late to say I should have, could have, would have, and so on. What is stopping me isn’t the next person. I am the only one that stops me.

So what will I do about it. I will start buy buying healthier. I am sure I will want something I use to like. Maybe one day I will have what I like from time to time.

I am not looking at anything I do as a diet, but as a change.

I started today with gluten free. My life is changing today.

Let’s see how this will work out for me.

By the way I did 20 mins on that machine. Then did 20 mins of weights right after.

This diabetes thing is really trying my hand. One minute I am fine. The next it all goes south somewhere. By now I would think I would have better control, but that is not always the case. The good news is I no longer have to take Lantus Solar before bed time. I no longer have to take glimpride in the morning. Very good for me I should say. I watch my levels very closely and know my body. I sent my reading to my doctor. He notice the same thing I notice. My levels were way to high. I also was passing protein / sugar in my urine.

He changed my meds to Novolog 70/30 mix. My whole life took another change. Uncertain on this med, but I do know a few people who take this med. I am very scared to take meds. So, I only take what is needed. I only take two meds at this time in my life. One is for this diabetes. The other high blood pressure. I have had no issues with the blood pressure meds.

Now with this Novolog mix, I have had some good reading. I am almost normal for my readings. Which my Endocrinologist wants something around 130’s. However, I have a lot of lows. Way too many! My problem is this. Well you all read my blog. I keep it open about what foods I like. So, this is my issue. I repeat again. I HATE a lot of foods. The slightest foods with carbs will send me high. All my hated foods like rice, oatmeal, potatoes, beans, pasta, and I am sure I missed some, sends me way to high.

I stay away from them because if I was to eat bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, and other carb foods, rather good for me or not sends me high. When this happens it means I will need more meds. I am scared to death of these foods. I rarely fry my foods. The only way I like a potato is if it’s fried potatoes with onion, or french fries. Those aren’t good for me. Rice is not worth me having because I can only do about 2 tablespoons of it. Even that is a bit much for my levels. Once I eat that, it is up there like me eating a spoon of oatmeal. My levels goes over 382. That number is 2.5 hours after testing. I don’t come down until 4 to 5 hours later. I still be high in the 270’s. It is not worth it.

Beans suppose to be good for me. I do like them, but not enough to say I will have them all the time. There are only 2 I like. Navy beans and Bush Vegetarian Beans. Having those the same thing happens. Extremely too high. How would I know? I test way to often. I test before and 2 hours after meals. Sometimes 3 to 4 hours after.

There aren’t many foods I like. I wonder why I’m so fat. I don’t indulge in bad foods. I don’t go crazy with junk foods either. I like healthier foods. I rather bake my foods than fry them.

Trying to keep my sugar up is a task all by it’s self. I hate too many foods, and most of the foods I like don’t have many carbs in it. I only like 5 veggies maybe 6 and that can’t help me. I like berries strawberries for a plain simple smoothie. When I say plain it is the berries, squeezed lemon, ice, and water. That have no effects on my sugar at all. I like apples and sometimes oranges. Maybe a peach now and then, but not like I would eat it if I had a choice. I would pick the apple first.

Maybe I need to look into other culture foods other than American, because American foods have me limited and what I like.

I need a change, or the drops my become a nightmare.

Today I had a wonderful DATE with Hubby. We went bowling. Neither one of us can really bowl. So getting sucky scores didn’t matter. It was all about the fun. He caught me on video as I thought the ball was going to connect to the pins. Yet it went another way. Hubby was so funny when he caught it on tape. This day I will be laughing for years to come. What a great way to end the year off. Lyse Backwards Bowling  You must see the whole video in order to hear Hubby response to the ball.

Just when I thought I was talking to myself…… I think next year I will post more. So this is my end of the year review. Thank you all for reading my blog. Now I am ready for the NEW YEAR. I will have way more to say rather it is grammar correct or NOT!

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