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Angel’s morning kicks

She is the one who normally wakes before anyone else. If it was me I would be dragging myself around because I am still tired. She is full of energy. She do kicks first thing in the morning. I thinks she challenges herself to see how high she is able to kick. Every time I turn around she is practicing her kicks. I will start having my camera at hand.

Inspiring, but in the morning even my bones won’t act right.


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Reflection back

2012 has been an interesting year for me. I have had my ups and my downs. I learned several things about myself.

I started the year off with bowling. I manage to bowl the ball backwards. Somewhere on youtube you can find it. Look for  lysebab videos.

Every time I thought I had control over my numbers. I didn’t! It is a daily struggle, unless I eat only meats. I notice I hate a lot of foods. I get tired of the same foods I like. It sucks my taste buds are not liking the so called good stuff. What I have learned in the matter. Is that no matter what I eat it is dangerous for me. No diabetic is on the same level. For me, my body reacts the same if it was good for me, to whats bad for me. It is all in the same pot. I stressed on this and yet it didn’t do any good. Stop asking me to eat more veggies cause I do… My levels are still high after. I refuse to keep limiting myself and not enjoying the small things. This is what works for me. Enjoy everything I like. Even if it is just a bite. I cant live off meat alone. If I want to eat just that I am fine with it. If I want some rice…so be it. One way or another it will pan out.  Going to start a page just for this topic….

I got back to the gym. Love that alot. I stuck too it. Didn’t loose any weight but it felt good. Until I stop because of the move…..

I hated soup and I made some fresh soup. Going to make a page of me exploring foods.

I cut my dreads off. My hair was falling out because of the new meds I was on. Insulin is no joke.

I have dry skin on my face and ears.

I lost weight without trying.

We bought a house and I started painting. I had to stop fixing house because a change took place to slow me down. I am sure you will be glad to here I will be back at it and you can follow me with it too.  I have some great ideas.

I got released from my first publishers with my book. I am moving it to another location.

One of the drugs I took to cause me to have many of my issues went to settlement. I now wait for my papers.

Never made my 120 projects…

I had a hysterectomy in Oct. It was one of the worst pains I have ever felt. My husband was very good to me. He still is. I didn’t loose my sex drive in fact it ampt up big time. I was down for a while. In fact later I will blog on it more. Some of the things about after process. My insides ache some still. One of my incision got infected, but now healed. So far this was the best thing to happen for me. I am not sick like I was before. I feel a lot better. No more pain. However, hot flashes are no JOKE!

Monkey Jewels yarn and fiber will be back next Year.


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Last week I was placed on new meds. My sugars like I said before was not the best. I am now on Novolog mix 70/30. So far this has made my levels pretty good. Now I am experiencing some new things.

I have these spotted rashes. I went to the doctor today and she had no idea what they are. She do know that is is not shingles. I researched it and it is a problem with diabetics from time to time. I itch one minute but don’t the next. I don’t feel the need to scratch at all. I look like I have some sort of small rashes here and there. Maybe about 23 spots in general.

I guess it is another thing I have to worry about.  The doctor was giving me some meds to take, but I decline it because I don’t know much about this. See I had my fair share with another drug I took a few years back. I no longer trust meds. I need insulin to live, but the meds she was giving. Well I will leave that alone. I figure like this. It may cause me more harm. When she said it has side effects and call if I have any and she can give me something else to help. I just looked at her. Meds and me no thank you. Maybe I can find something less harmful for me in the morning.


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I didn’t have a good day today. However, my youngest is similar to me. She thinks like me and wants to understand me more. She takes a lot of interest in me. I think it is more about her than she knows. If she knows me she will know herself. We are the same but different bodies.  I was  trimming my hair from it being so uneven. It looks way better now.


She wanted to take pics of me. I try to enjoy my good days.  Now matter how I am feeling. I don’t show it often. Today I remember this day for ever. I hope she remember this day for years to come.


She made me post a lot of different ways. I thought she would be done after the first few pic, but 20 pics later she still was showing me how she wanted me to pose. She kept saying now smile. It wasn’t hard to take orders from my Mini Me. Like I said we are both the same in many ways. She knows when something isn’t right. She reads me as well as I read her. We can have a good conversation without us saying words.


As you can see. I love this skirt I have on. I want to make me a few. I just have to have the right fabric to make it happen. This is the best long skirt I ever had. I love the colors. Oh by the way I do have grey in the dress. It is the first section of the skirt.


My dog couldn’t help but feel the love. She wanted at least on pic with me.



I decided to take a pic with me and mini me. Today turned out to be a good day after all. My other two made me smile as well. I love all my children. I can’t wait to see what pics she will make me take next. Little girls needs a camera of her own.

Oh yeah while we were having a serious conversation about diabetes she took note on what to do if I fell ill. She asked a lot of questions to understand more about this. She is the one that goes in the room with me when I go see my Endocrinologist, and Nutritionist.

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You Are Special! Never Forget it!. I just read this message. It is darn good. I am about to walk out the door and took another few minutes to just say My assignment from this passage will be deep. It made me think about my 10 things on me. I don’t give myself enough credit. However, I think I will jog them down starting now.

1. Beautiful

2. Mother


4. Very Talented

5. Funny

6. Loving

7.  Still Growing

8. Caring

9. Sensative

10. I’m a good Friend

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Making shawl pins

I thought I would try my hand at making shawl pins. Some how I enjoyed it. Sine I like to knit shawls why not make a few. I think I can do something with this. This was my first round and first time making shawl pins.

shawl pin 1strnd (1)

I really like how they came out.

shawl pin 1strnd (2)

I don’t think I can make any two the same. I prefer each to be different.

shawl pin 1strnd (5)

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Although, I didn’t pay attention the the pattern. I knew I had to add a few extra rounds because I missed the part where it told me to do that. Instead of 80 st I did 90. Listen I have a lot of hair and I need a nice fit.


I look pretty good in this hat! Love how it fits my head. I think I will make a few more. The designer rocks when it comes to this pattern.

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