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Spun to shawl

just penny1


I am so proud how this shawl came out. The pattern is  Find A Penny. You can find it on Ravelry. I added extra eyelets to the pattern. I repeated the pattern as I felt the need to do until I was low on yarn.



nita (3)


A friend asked me to dye this color way for her. I did two  because I liked how the colors came together. This is Monkey Fiberland wool. You can find this and many more colors in my shop Lyseartisticcreations.com


Nita (3)


As I was spinning. I kept in mind that I needed enough yards to do a shawl of some sort. I also wanted to do a n-ply so that the colors combine nicely.



Nita spun2

I did the n-ply and made it over 400 yards. I was overwhelmed and thrilled at the same time.



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I have been busy making and not so making. I still have not reached the baby blankets and shawls.  I found I only like classy things. So the ones that aren’t classy in this pile will have to go.



I am not sure how to fill about my 6 ft scarf with fringe.

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Did I say how much I love this character Opie? Did I mention the hat is nice. I search the web to see if anyone already made the hat. I found one similar on Ravelry. It was not what I was looking for. I wanted one as close to his as possible. So I went to work………..

SONS OF ANARCHY: Ryan Hurst. CR: Jason O'Dell / FX

I notice his hat has a 1×1 rib. I was unsure what yarn I wanted to use. I wanted a very light weight hat.

My hubby is hot in this hat!


Yarn: Monkey Jewels sock, 80% merino superwash, 20% nylon, 1 skein (with about a half of a skein leftover), color Sleek – a beautiful charcoal grey
Needles: US size 4 (3.5mm) sixteen-inch circulars
Pattern: My own, see below
Design/knit: This is based on a hat I seen on T.V


The pattern is very basic. The decrease are interesting, yet simple enough to look at T.V while knitting.


Copyright 2011 by Kalysa France.
This pattern is designed and owned by me.


You can follow the link for the free pdf version.

Now go make one and don’t forget to link it here!

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My first  design for socks. I feel very good about these. It was an experience that kept me wanting to do more. I love them, but going to think about gifting them to someone.



lyse sock4

I think I see more socks in my future.  Oh yeah This is my own hand dyed yarn called Monkey Jewels. I did these toe up. my heal was done a slight differently because I was not sure how to do a heal.

Better picks and maybe the pattern soon.

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Gail finished (13)

After all these years of trying to do GAIL…… I have mastered this baby. I love her. I followed this pattern from the original writings.


Gail finished (2)

I don’t know what to say about how beautiful my daughter is  or how beautiful Gail is wrapped around her.

Gail finished (10)

And of course Hazel had to get some love from Gail. Now can I have MY SHAWL back!

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Retro Shrug Angels (4)

I decided to make the Retro Shrug for my youngest daughter. It was a fast and quick knit. Now  I want to do another for the next daughter.

 Retro Shrug Angels (5)

Not shortly after I made the shrug. She was swinging it around like she had no care in the world. I am so glad I didn’t use wool for her shrug.

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I decided to take another leap. I love designing my own patterns. This time I am in a stole phase. I wonder, how many stoles I can design? I see so many triangles shawls and not enough stoles. When I was searching for a stole, I could not find what I wanted or was interested in doing. So, I thought to design some of my own to see what happens. It is like socks. You can find some wonderful patterns out there. Every one is doing them, but when you try to find that one fingerless glove it isn’t there all the time. I have found hundreds of triangle shawls that I know I would do and want to do. I might even have the pattern. I would like to just see where stoles take me.

This pattern is a bit simple as I figure out how I want to play with designs. I am doing this with my own lace yarn I have dyed.  It is more like cobweb!

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